Romantic Weddings & Receptions

Congratulations on Your Engagement!

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable moments of your life!
It should be everything you have dreamed of and more!

At Rancho Vista it is our goal to create an affair to remember. Our experienced banquet professionals share in your enthusiasm in preparation for your special day. We will be happy to listen to your every need in order to customize your wedding package so your day is filled with worry-free, happy memories.

You can be reassured that our team will focus on you and your guests at every opportunity. Our Event Coordinator will be with you at every step and assist in planning and coordinating your special event.

For more information, please call 661 -272 -9830 .

Wedding Inquiry Form

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Wedding Packages

  • Saturday
    $24.00 per person
    Saturday weddings have a minimum of 100 people.
  • Friday/Sunday
    $18.75 per person
    Friday and Sunday weddings have a minimum of 50 people.

Included in the packages:

One 45 minute Ceremony rehearsal and Ceremony coordinator day of wedding, ceremony site with chairs, Bridal Suite, Banquet room for reception, dance floor, basic linens including table cloths and napkins, table and chair set up, bar set up, bartenders for the event, champagne or cider toast, cake cutting and use of our property and waterfall for photos.

Packages do not include food or Alcohol. No outside food or alcohol allowed.

The Venue is available for 5 hours only. This includes ceremony and reception. There is a $450.00 fee for an additional hour.

Access to the Venue is 2 hours prior to event, unless there is no other event prior, guests may come in for decorating and preparation earlier. This will be determined 10 days prior to event.

Guests may use their vendor of choice for decorating, D.J.’s, cakes, Photographer, etc.

Vendors not familiar with RVGC must check in with the Banquet Manager and or Staff prior to event.

Bar set up included in package comes with a full range of alcohol.
A dollar amount may put down the night of the event or be a cash bar or both.

  • Well Drinks
  • Call Drinks
  • Premium Drinks
  • Top Shelf
  • Domestic Beer
  • Import Beer
  • House Wine
  • Premium Wine
  • Children
    5-10 menu option

All items will be charged 20% service charge + sales tax. Final payment, linen and menu selection must be made 10 days prior to event.

For Your Information

Dress Code

Please inform all of your “professionals” that professional attire must be worn at all times.

Function Times

Function times are based on the contracted guest arrival through the contracted guest departure. You have the option to extend your event for an additional 1 hour only at a fee of $450. Guests are to gather their belongings and vacate the premises immediately following their event. RVGC staff can set aside any center pieces and or specialty linens for the guests. However, RVGC does not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. Guest’s must pick up discussed items within 48 hours or they will be disposed of.


No items can be displayed directly on our banquet facility walls. The use of nails, staples, tape and decorating gum is not permitted inside the Ballroom or the Grill. Consider the use of easels for all signage. Client is responsible to bring in any equipment necessary to complete decorating; i.e. ladders, tools, lighting for Gazebo etc.

Food Service

No food of any type may be brought into Rancho Vista Golf Club by the host; guest or invitee (excludes wedding cakes). No food supplied by Rancho Vista Golf Club is permitted to leave the facility.


Rehearsals are limited to 45 minutes and must be scheduled while there are no other events occurring. Rehearsals that exceed one hour will be billed $150.00 per hour.


Your invitation must state the exact time the ceremony begins. Ceremony area is open to your guests 15 minutes prior to scheduled ceremony time. The use of fabrics to decorate the gazebo is allowed however; please designate someone to remove any items used prior to the end of your reception. The use of nails, tape, tacks or staples are not allowed on the gazebo…please use pipe cleaners or zip ties.


Photographs may be taken at two outdoor locations on the property and please inform your photographer of such. Please be considerate and adhere to using only these specified areas. There will more than likely be member’s golfing at the time you are looking to get photos so please, be courteous to them and not interfere with their play. The first & most popular is the waterfall area located East of the ceremony area, second is the gazebo area. No one is permitted on the tee boxes, fairways or greens at any time prior to, during or after your event (including children). If not adhered, Rancho Vista Golf Club has the right to terminate the event without notice or refund.

Security guards will be hired by RVGC for parties of 100 or more guests. The charge of $200 will be added to the guest’s banquet fee for the security guards.

Rancho Vista Golf Club will not assume the responsibility for the loss or damage to any gifts, envelopes, camera’s, cake top, toasting glasses or any other merchandise left in the facility prior to, during or after the reception.

Rancho Vista Golf Club has the right to change the gazebo, lighting fixtures, carpeting, table linens, tables, chairs, paint, wallpaper etc., at any time without prior notice.